Newbie: Ipod Nano

Hi all!

I would be really glad if someone could give me soem feedback on my current work on Ipod Nano…

Pardon the background and weak lighting… and at the moment I still have no idea on how to model the circular control panel…

Also, I wanted to make the front surface reflects a bit of light, but i cant ahieve it…

C&C are most welcomed…

(FYI, this is my 1st week into Blender)


Dont use pure black color, unles you need it as a background, but never use it on the objects. Its beacouse in reality nothing absorbs 100% of light exept black holes, but theres no posibility to see those, so if you want your model to be seen dont use it. :slight_smile:

If you want your material to reflect something as a mirror, use RayMirr in the material tab. You need to have Ray button turned on in the rendering tab for this to work.

A link to a tutorial on this:

Overall its a very nice model for a first week in blender, so keep it up, and good luck in the future. :wink:

Thanks for your reply!..

Oh i see… if pure black is not recommended then what color would you recommend to achieve the same ‘nano’ black effect?..

I will still play around with the different material and color settings… and of course will think of some ways to model the middle circular navigation thing…

Try something like 0.1 0.1 0.1 or even more brighter. The value is multiplied by material reflectivity (“Ref” slider in the material/shaders tab) and may be darker beacouse of the light conditions, so basicly just experiment a little. :slight_smile:

It looks too thin, I don’t think you’d even be able to plug headphones into that. Make it a bit thicker. The clickwheel and screen also seem too flat right now, you could just use bump/normal mapping for that. As for the texture, just make it dark gray and it should look blackish. Tinker with it until it looks right.