Newbie is baffled about background images disappearance...

Last night when I closed out of Blender, I had 3 background images in place (front, side and top views) that I was working from. Today when I reopened the file, they are not showing up.

In the Background Images section of the Properties Panel, the images are listed properly and the box is checked. The listed images all have the little visibility icon eyeballs open, and I am in Orthographic viewing mode.

Any suggestions as to what I’m missing? Many thanks for any help!

(I’m using Blender 2.70.)

Are the image files corresponding to your background images in exactly the same place as they were before? That is, are the paths and file names the same as they were when you loaded them into Blender previously?

Thank you Vince! That was it, I had
moved the Blender file. I need to remember to keep the files together…:slight_smile:

You can save the images with the blend files by packing them into the project:

Im having the same problem except I havent moved the .blend or the image files and they are packed into the .blend itself. any ideas on how to fix that?

Or when you browse to the images uncheck Relative pathing then the absolute path to the images will travel with the Blend file no matter where you move it.