Newbie Layers problem

Hi there, i just started with Blender today and seems to be going ok, very intuitive interface, except for one thing. When things start getting complex and i want to hide something as a layer, the object or objects disapear and come back as expected, but refuse to go back into Edit mode when unhidden. Im still trying to learn the program but i keep having to start over as I keep getting parts of my model stuck in Object mode!

This is presumably easily solved, but ive checked the tuts and the docs but they dont seem to mention anything on it, other than “layers are for hiding. layers are handy!”

if I understood your problem right, then you should just have to select (by right-clicking on it) the object you want to get into edit mode with and then press TAB.

Best of luck ^^

Only the Active object (the one selected last if more than 1 are selected) can goto edit mode. Lamps and camera could be active but don’t have an edit mode context.
Box selecting in Object mode just selects, you need to RMB (Right Mouse Button) select to make active.


thanks you, i understand a bit better now. im still stuck, however.

ill explain more clearly. im working on the Die tutorial, creating a simple dice. i create the die outline, a cubic frame. i hide the frame and create the dots from partial spheres, and get them into place. all thats left is to fill the edges of the dots, to the inside of the box frame. my problem is, in object mode, when i bring the cube back, i can right-click to select the cube, or the grop of dots. i cant select both, so i cant select all the vertices i need to perform the Fill.

the tutorial doesnt go into the layer hiding in any detail, it just implies i should hide the frame so its easier to work with the dots. is there a way i can work with both objects at the same time?

OH, OK. Your use of “Layers” threw me off and is wrong. In Object mode join the 2 (cube and dots) with Ctrl-J then Tab into edit mode. You may still have to unhide verts with Alt-H.

If I’m wrong again and they are on 2 different layers then you’ll find them on the layer that the active one (when joined) was on.


Ahhhh Ctrl+J, would never have thought of that! Thats exactly what I needed to know.

Thanks for your help!