Newbie Logo; Shiver

Right, so I’m kinda new at all the great blender stuff and I have pretty much used it only for the creation of logos such as this. I need feedback on textures and that jazz. What can I do for the actual logo model?
Right, so feed back would be great.


Man, this looks preety good. It feels very sci-fi. One thing that could make it more interesting is use some reflections on the plate, that would make it stand out even more. The letters are eye-catching too. I almost forgot I like the bottom one better.

Thanks, I’ll get on the reflections.

The second one is definetely (spelled correctly?) the best of the two. Much better lightning on that one. As for the textures, if you are going for the reflections as suggested, then try some bump mapping on the “thing” the logo lie on (pick a texture, under “map to” press the “nor” twice.)

The design of the logo looks great!
Keep it going.

i spelled it incorrectly for greater symmetry.
I think I will experiment with the whole nor thing then. javascript:emoticon(’:-?’)

The reflections that I attempted didn’t come out as well as I had hoped. I id however like the idea of bump mapping the pedestal on which I placed the logo.


Nice to see the improvements! The reflections does seem kinda wierd. The seoncd one looks better that the previous one. I may be being picky here but on the second one it looks like the light source is either too close or too bright, it kinda blinds, to fix this you might want to lower thespec value, I think. Overall it’s a very good model

thanks for the comments, I will set up the spec. value to something lower.