Newbie looking for help with her first models

Hi! I’m new here, and a complete newbie to blender/ 3D art/ cg/ sculpting etc… Just decried to dive into it a month ago since my work closed due to the corona virus, and I suddenly had plenty of spare time…! I find it all a bit intimidating and confusing, but I love it!

I did the donut tutorial by BlenderGuru, and after that, I’ve mostly been playing around with my own projects, and just trying to learn the tools. My first project was sculpting, retopologizing, Uv Unwrapping, baking and texture painting a Pokemon just to go through the process on something simple and low detail, before starting on something a bit more challenging. Here it is:

Any constructive criticism is greatly appreciated. The yellow bit on his tail is a bit funny, and even though i fixed it in texture paint window, it didn’t change in the render? Bit confused…

Still have to do the eyes(Do I have to Retopo the eysockets by the way, to create a “waterproof” mesh?), and then I’ll try rigging it.

My Second attempt is a realistic sculpt of an Arabian horse, and this has brought me some headaches… :sweat_smile:

I sculpted with multires, and want to add more detail, especially around the eyes, where the geometry just isn’t dense enough… I tried to subdivide the mesh again, but then the whole thing exploded, and the mesh looked like some kind of a sea urchin… why is this happening, and how can i fix it?

Is my attempt at retopo ok? Too much geometry? not enough? should it be more even? Do the loops and curves look alrightish? If anyone got some good retopo refs or tutorials for horses or other animals, I’d love to see them.

I know the sculpt is a bit wobbly and horrible in some places, and I will keep at it until its perfect, but right now I just want to try to do the whole process with what I’ve got, so I’ll det back to that later.

Also, in the render, it looks a bit weird and jagged in certain places, what happened there?


Looking forward to any and all comments, thank you! :slight_smile:


Hey, Welcome to BA :horse: Looking good so far - Keep at it.


Thanks, that’s the plan! :grin:

Hey Tanya, welcome to Blender, and the forums! Very nice work on those first original projects, esp. the horse. :+1:

As for some of those issues…

Not totally sure what’s going on, but might be related to different detail settings between Viewport and Render for a modifier on that mesh (probably Subdivision Surface?). As a test, make sure those numbers match.

Only in certain cases. Watertight meshes are important in 3D printing for example, but even there you’d be joining the eyeball to the body and using that surface, not the socket inside.

If you notice any shading issues in final renders, it also might help to close the mesh there. Not sure if something like SSS (Subsurface Scattering) would be affected by that?

Rigging can be affected by that situation (holes in a mesh), particularly if using Automatic Weights as opposed to manually painting the influence of the armature’s bones.

Ultimately, if it looks good leave it as is. But of course you can always do a version of each and compare the results.

Unfortunately, this is a known bug in the Multires feature and there is no way to undo that as far as I know (save often!). It’s kept many from using the feature up to now, and will only be fixed in upcoming releases.

Looks pretty good to me.

That’s an issue in the Cycles renderer, known as a Shadow Terminator artifact. It’s been addressed to some degree over time, but will still crop up in certain situations.

Smoothing the mesh helps (through Subdivision), but adding geometry increases memory use and slows rendering.

I’ve read that increasing the Lamp size helps, but that will also soften shadows universally. And be slower to render those softer shadows smoothly. :slightly_frowning_face:

Hope that helps.

And again… nice work, and looking forward to your future progress!


Thank you so much for the praise, and your in depth explanations Cire, that was really helpful! :grinning:

I’ve encountered another issue now, in texture paint… I’ve got symmetry set to mirror the x-axis in the texture paint window, but it doesn’t mirror correctly… (I drew the centered white line, the other one is how it was mirrored… What’s happening here? (Changing origin to the cursor didn’t help either)

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Nice work!

Thank you! :blush:

Hi, interesting horse there.

Strange cat you got there. :crazy_face:

Haha, thank you! :grin:

Suggestion: use a photo editor, it always make wonders

How bout you just select the parts you want to symetrize and make a copy and mirror then stitch.
As for the texture, as I said, export uvmap, paint in photo editor and then import to model.

Thank you for the tips, I’ll try to do that!

I wonder why i’ts not mirroring right tho, it did the first few times i tried (had to go back to sort out some mesh problems, and then holes in my normal map), an then suddenly it’s all offset…

WOW, Tanya, this is really impressive work for a ‘newbie’… not only to Blender but to 3D and sculpting in general!! :star_struck:
You must definitely have some artistic background.
I also love your attention to detail and your determination to get things done ‘perfectly’.
Very curious what you’ll create in the future…

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Looks good.
Quixel mixer is free .
YouTube has a lot of educational tutorials.
If your making a subdivided mesh . don’t bunch the mesh up.between the ears n eyes is to bunched up. Your topology looks good .

wow, thank you so much for that! :grin:

Yeah, I’ve been drawing in photoshop for many years, mostly realism, so it is quite similar to that. When drawing you only have to focus on making it look good from one angle tho, so i had a few surprises when i forgot to keep rotating the model, and the muscles were poking out like they were extra limbs. :sweat_smile: :joy:

Oh, and I figured out how to solve the miror issue I had, I only had to apply its rotation.( wich i swear I’ve done plenty of times, but this thime it actually worked! yay!)

Gonna paint some textures now, I’ll keep you updated on my progress!

Thanks for your tips! I’ll look into Quixel mixer. :slightly_smiling_face:

nice work you have made a really great work in a month … i speent 9 years on blender and still cant sculpt anything …
the pokimone looks great … and it is a great desission to start simpel …

and a bout the horse… . he looks amazing in the body and the head … i think the problem is the neck … its to much curvy … more like an elphent trunk …
and i think the back of the horse on top is a little to flat …
other than that … everything looks awesome …

Thank you! :blush:

The neck would definitely be a bit too curvy for a warmblood or average type of horse, but Arabian have weird curvy necks, look at these pics: Arabian1, Arabian2,

I do agree that the back is too flat tho, the whole rib cage is a bit deformed, and should be slightly wider at the front, and a bit narrover at the back, thanks for pointing that out, I’ll fix it when I redo this piece!

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your welcome … and infact i am actually bad when it comes to animals … i am used to seeing horse with almost 0 curve at the neck … where i live … and i guess i dont know anything about horses types .
so i think your right about this

Yeah Arabians can look a bit strange compared to other horses, with their long “swan necks” , so I’m not surprised it got mentioned. I will probably do a few different horse breeds eventually. :slight_smile: