Newbie lost. Camera Panel and rendering full image

New to blender and really confused. Yes tried the instructions ( can only find for 2.6 ) and one YouTube tutorial that was so fast I could not make any sense of it.

Here is the gist of my question. How do I “zoom out” a camera to render an entire frame? I have a human figure imported from MakeHuman. okay so far.

When I select camera view it is framing only the feet and that is all that renders. I cannot figure out how to zoom out to include the entire figure. I saw something about selecting a lens but have never been able to find that control panel.

So far the camera is seeing only a tiny fraction of the scene.

So may tutorials assume you know how to find the necessary controls and don’t bother to explain how to find what they are telling you to do in the first place. I think I have a handle on choosing a lens…if only I could find the panel in which to do that.

Can someone please point me in the right direction to render a full image please?

How do I frame the entire image in one camera?

Thanks much. :eek:

One option.

Press N to show the properties panel. Under ‘View’ enable ‘Lock camera to View’
Go to camera view (Numpad 0)

Then reposition the camera view using the standard viewport tools
MMB = rotate
Shift+MMB = pan
Ctrl+MMB = zoom