Newbie Need help

Hmmm first of all…Hello everyone :stuck_out_tongue: I’m RVV-AE-PD a variant of Russian AAM RVV-AE

i was born somewhere in 1990’era ,my first public appearance was in MAKS 1999 ,people also knew me as R-77M1, I look similar as my old brother RVV-AE execept i’m bit longer and have side Fins replaced by Inlet for my new Airbreathing Ramjet propulsion which will give me longer range (around 160Km in altitude) hmm others than it i’m similar as my Old Bro

hmm enough introduction

anyway i’m probably a real NOOB in this forum…No experience in 3D programming,Underdeveloped in manga and anime Drawing,…i saw other’s Image…wow GREAT

But anyway i managed to model some things
here’s some of my first model

an Aircraft Carrier

another ? hmm i make a new Carrier…but now with her airwing consistsed of several Su-33 Fleet defense interceptor

Here’s the Su-33

Onboard The Carrier

in addition i decided to add some weapons on the craft…Vympel R-73 AAM(Green Strip) and my own modification (just a slight) on RVV-AE called RVV-AE type 2(Red Strip)

Hmm i put the armament on board

Hmm That’s all for now…i have more images which i want to show…but I think would be better to keep it for a while

Hmm that’s are my first attempt in 3D modelling using Blender…heh…i actually planned to put more details on Carrier and the aircraft like adding ejection seat for Su-33,windows and Kashtan M CADS system for the Carrier…however my home computer capability doesn’t seem to permit that (the more i put objects The slower it will )

well what are you guys think ? Hmm please avoid using offensive gestures flames etc…since I’m already received numerous of it in Military forum

anyway I’m having a serious problem with texturing with Image…i create an Image with Corel Draw…save it and attempted to put it as my new model’s texture But…The texture won’t match…hmm it always look too Big

how to address this ?

looks really great!! only thing i can think if is to smooth the ball in the ship

yes the only problem with this is a lack of subsurfaceing and smoothing of faces in some areas.

Oh i see…Thanks…hmm i need to smooth up some things…alright :cool:

Hmm i did try level 6 render on the plane…but something Terrible called “LAG” happened :o

Hopefully new VGA card would solve the problem

i REFUSE to beleive that you are a noob…thats great for somone with no experience in 3d modelling at all! p.s are you a robot

It should not be nessecary for you to push the render level to 6 on subsurfacing. Try Level 2 and press the set smooth button while your model is selected or if you only want to smooth certain areas select them in edit mode and then press set smooth button.
In case you run into problems with your edges looking weird. Add a edgesplit modifier to your model or use autosmooth feature.

Hmm Thanks for the suggestions…hmm i tried to make some Improvements on the Sukhoi aircraft

Here are they…

hmm I’m also add bit “realism” by make its Interior
The HUD…hmm taken by placing camera INSIDE the model

Making 2 Multifunction display…In a sake of Joke i put some images that unrelated to aviation…the Pilot wants to take a break by watching Nami Tamaki’s Video Clip while putting Belldandy from ah My Goddess in another screen

The strange object in the Middle is The Control joystick…it has 3 Buttons

Hmm I try to “smoothened” the model better…and add some new things like a set of landing gears

side view

Hmm with the Canopy Open…

Hehe…how’s it…still looks cheap eh…sorry I’m stil a Noob anyway…need more practice :frowning:

The chick is hot on the HUD.
I liked the original colours better.

Hi everyone…I’m back here’s the Update to the Sukhoi’s…trying to add textures…

here’s my Latest attempt

Hmm i’m currently make a new aircraft…it’s about to fire a Missile

umm i know the smoke effect looks cheap…

well so How to make some kind of more realistic effect. on the smoke ?

Radomes are actually made from flat triangular panels.

RVV-AE-PD, it really doesn’t look like you need a whole lot of help. Those models are pretty good. Check out The Cog Project for information on smoke and water. You seem to be making pretty good progress with materials, too. I think working on the lighting would be your next challenge.