Newbie. Need to debug script in real-time. Please help.

Help, I need to debug an AddOn in real-time (installed & run from Blender.)

While I am an experienced programmer in several languages, Python is not one of them.

I’m trying to fix an AddOn written by someone else. Released as a Beta, the creator is no longer around to finish the job. :frowning:

The AddOn is active from the moment Blender starts (adding a new Tab to the left margin), so placing “debugger” commands at the top of the script only crashes Blender.

If only I could set breakpoints and view the contents of variables the way I do with Visual Studio, I’d be set. :eyebrowlift:

Any advice is appreciated.

Some tips,

Read this, haven’t tried myself.

Or if you can, share the add-on here, we can probably give you some quick pointers.

Also, ask the same question over at will probably give you better answers

this means it is installed already !
can you un install it instead then do the debugging may be

also I use an external editor like notepade2 or ++
do modif in editor and save
then in bl text editor simply upload and run to test

there are some simple addon to add breakpoints
but not as powerful as studio

happy bl

Could look into these links probably. Haven’t tried myself yet.

Thanks. I’ll check it out and see if it helps me debug the script.

Unfortunately, sharing the script wouldn’t help. It calls external apps from some in-house software to do it’s work.

The problem is I know what is wrong (it’s writing to bad paths), but can’t pause the script and display the contents of variables/functions so I can see where things are going wrong. :frowning:


one simple way but it works
add a stop then print values on console!

happy bl

Maybe this helps:

That looks very interesting. Thanks.