Newbie needing some advice and feedback

Hey, I stumbled across blender about a week ago and thought I would give it a try. After screwing around with it for a while I decided that I would give this 3D modeling a try. This is my efforts so far. I know that it is no where near the quality of people in this group, but I was hoping to get some feedback and advice about my scene. Thanks

Sorry this is the new render accidently saved the new over the old :expressionless:

i like it, lighting could be a little better, and there are some jaggies around. maybe crank subsurf on the lamp shade, raise the samples on the lamp.

whats with the wall texture?

great start 8)

“I am not insane”? Been watching any of @ndy’s movies by any chance? :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, for the amount of time that you have been using Blender it is very promising.

The floor needs more light before I can comment further, mainly due to the fact that I can’t see much :smiley:

“I am not insane”? Been watching any of @ndy’s movies by any chance?

Actually the image came to me after listening to Metallicas “Sanitarium” :slight_smile:
Whats a good way to lighten up the room so you can see yet keep a an atmosphere of deary and darkness.

Here is an update

Looks like you are off to a really good start, but I am not sure I see the difference between the first and second renders.

realy not bad for first time!