newbie needs direction in racing game devel

hi everyone,
im new to blender and 3d graphics. i would like to make a racing game, with a hidden “town” and cheat codes and such. i need a basic walkthrough on how to build a racing game in blender. can anybody help?

Have you messed around with the GE? Before you ask people for help you should try learn it yourself.I haven’t been on the forums very long, but i’m pretty sure lot of the people here have seen new users coming to the forums without any idea how to use blender and asking for help to make their ideas come to life, and they get annoyed, especially Social. Learn how to model first, then how to texture. When you think you’re OK, then start learning the GE. Use the search feature for past tutorials that might help you or read the stickies at the top of the page. if you don’t get what you want, use google. When i first started blender, i used this: Another good site: . As I said earlier, search for whatever you need before asking.

Yes, please, don’t annoy Social :slight_smile:

You’re a lucky man or woman, it’s all ready for your convenience
Go here:

and download this:

there’s a great “vehicle object setup” ready to use

Then go here, download the desired demos, and study them:

Have fun and good luck


They are right to caution you, for I am (apparently) an evil monster that feeds on the souls of small children.

Welcome to the forums.

heres my solution… no one is going to do your work for u in less u can show some effort of what u can do.

If you are new to blender and 3d graphics, start small. A racing game with
(“hidden towns”?) and cheat codes doesn’t sound small. Make your own tests in the game engine to get the feel of things. Look at other peoples work, chances are what you are looking for has already been done. PLEASE use the search feature in this forum. I dont think any one has made a specific tutorial for what you are looking for, so chances are, you will have to do some work.

good luck.

Yea dont aim to high if your new, go do tutorials, make some small games, like the cube goes to the city :smiley: and has to fight the evil blobs (with the face of socials avatior :D, jk) just so you get the hang of things then try somthing more complexed like this.

Also take the advice everyone gives you “SEARCH”!!! most all newbie questions have been answered already, but if you cant find an answer and your still stuck then post and we will be happy to help you.
Good luck, have fun & welcome to the forums.