Hi everyone… my name is Rod I am new to the forum and to Blender. I have always dream of making my own game and now that I have Blender I guess my dream is possible. I want to make a Fighting Game (like Mortal Kombat), but I don’t know where to start… and the worst part is that I have no programming abilities at all ! I just wanna know where could I find info on making a Fighting game in blender, like turotials or something 'cause all I find are tutorials on modeling and texturing but not on GAME DEVELOPMENT… is there anywhere I can go where I’ll get a tutorial on “how to make a fighting game on Blender”?? If not is there any experienced user that knows how to do it , and would like to teach me? Because all I find are tutorials of diferent things but I don’t know how to pull everything together to make my own game. Well, I hope you can help me. Help will be appreciated.

p.s: You can also contact me at my e-mail [email protected].

first, download the NaN demos on and look at alley fighter. also, do a search on this forum for Phil Calaber.

lol it says posts: 1

nothing like a little plug from my work :slight_smile:

there is the beginning of a fighting game in the files dir
but it does require python to use :slight_smile:

good luck