Newbie needs help

I’m going to make a very simple game for teaching kids the maths. the game play is, it will show an algebric problem with four choices one of which is the correct answer and after selecting a choice, there will a button “NEXT”. when the button is clicked it will show the question. and so on. problem is how to render text in BGE? How to start with BGE first of all. I have bought the book Blender Game Engine - Beginner’s Guide…
I’m in kind of urgency. can anyone gimme a guidance on how to start off with.
I’m thinking of storing each question and its choice in a separate text files, and BGE will iterate thro the list of question. I hope you get the question. coz I’m bad at english…

Do you know python?
For this project it will be nearly essential, and it will probably take you a few weeks just to get used to the blender game engine API.

First off, you ask: How do I render text in the game engine
For this we use a font object. Go to the ‘add object’ menu, and select ‘text.’ You can then go to the game logic panel, and click “create game text property” This can then be edited in game using the property actuator.

But you also have some other questions, like:
How do I create a ‘next button’?
Well, a button is a thing that you click on, and it does something, right? So we create a plane, use a mouse over sensor, a mouse click sensor, and we join them together with an AND controller. From there you can get the button to do anything.

How do I read a text file?
The normal way you do in python. Trust me, you’ll need to know python to at least some level to finish this.
Monster has some good guides in the resources forum, and Goran and Solarlune have good tutorials. They all have posts within the last day or so, and you can find links to these tutorials in their signatures.

I’m afraid there’s no more guidance to be had without a full question.

(Never ever put " coz I’m bad at english…" at the end of post)

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Thanks I’m goood at python. and after posting in this forum, I dug bge a little and found the way to sense events :smiley: what i am unclear about is text rendering. I will try it… thanx

(Never ever put " coz I’m bad at english…" at the end of post)
Point taken… :slight_smile: