Hi…I am based in Ireland…can anyone reccomend a desktop pc/all in one in my low budget range of 500/600 euro that is ok for Blender?

Looking at ACER C22-865 with UHD Graphics 620…what do you think?

Thanks for your time

I don’t think that’s going to be enough to run Blender. Also, this should be in the “Technical Support” tab for questions about PC recommendations to run with Blender. If you have more questions, go there for a low budget recommend PC for you.

The Basics and Interface tab is for the revamped and old Blender interfaces only, just so you know.

Hi Chuckle I hope that you are OK.

I could not recommend an specific laptop od desktop for your situation because you are on the other side of the world. But I can give you the procedure that I use for selecting the right computer for the budget that you have. Its never let me down and the employes that use this machines always complement the performance. (Relative to the price of course)

Im in charge of the IT deparment of a construction company and we use some equipments for archviz.

This is the procedure that I follow:

1.- Determine the budget that you have (This one I see you already have)
2.- Make an worksheet (Excel, libreoffice, etc) with this columns: store, sku, brand, model, cpu, bcpu, gpu, bgpu, RAM, HDD, Size, Resolution, price and notes.
3.- Check the webpages of the stores and fill the columns, the bcpu and bgpu stands for performace of the cpu and gpu. This one I get them from the webpage in the menu bechmarks on top of their webpage. (cpus and gpus by Performance) They compare the performance of the cpus and gpus and give them a score.
4.- Once filled with the data, sort the table first with bcpu (higher to lower), and then for price (lower to higher) That way the table will put the best performance equipment up the table with the lower price.

Im ataching one of my tables so you can seeit. You can then compare more easily, sometimes you can evaluate if you sacrifice a little cpu power for better graphics performance. But usually the best value for the money in on the top of the table.

I hope this selection process can help you to get the most for you money.

This is and example of the ones that I make, but I suposse the models are different over there:

Have a good day.

Checked the specs, and, well, nothing is impossible, but Blender on that system is IMHO something in the category ‘if absolutely must be’.

What I would look for is some desktop with some AMD Ryzen 5 and 16 GB RAM. These should go for around 500€. You probably will get one of these from a vendor in your country or even local shop (so I can’t be more specific). Add a cheap monitor (maybe a used one from ebay or so), and you might stay below 600€.

Get on to , lad. You’ll pick up a decent machine with a dedicated GPU. An onboard integrated graphics card is, quite frankly, shite for any kind of 3D work.

Apologies Daniel…I will look in Technical support…thanks for the tip and your time to reply!

I will check out Done Deal…thanks Danny

Thanks Omgold…your info very helpful…cheers

Hola Eduardo…you have a very logical mind by the looks of things…my Capricorn brain works in the same way so very helpful info…you must be Virgo or Capricorn?..Anyway…m.gracias amigo…

I moved your message to #support:technical-support for you.

jajaja Thanks, Is Aquarius actually. Good luck with you purchase!. Have a great week.