Newbie: Please help make my car look realistic, not plastic

Hello all,

Here are some renderings.


I am interested to make the green car body area look “not plastic”, but “shiny” like a metal car.
Currently it only has a basic material plus two multiply bump maps.
How could I make it “shine” ? Turning on mirror does not do anything (there is nothing else in the scene, I will
be using background videos). I want it to shine like this one:

I was thinking about applying a color affecting texture that will be the same video as the background one, therefore it will appear as it “shines” on the car body. Would something like that work ?

Are you using Cycles or Blender internal render? If you use Cycles, there are some great car materials available on, or you can copy the settings from the Cycles material threads here - google ‘cycles materials’ and you will find links to them here.

Im using Blender Render, but I suppose it wont be a problem to switch to Cycles.
I ll follow your suggestion and perhaps come back to you.

As Im generally interested to mixing real video footage with 3D objects, do you think
I should permanently switch to the Cycles render engine ? Is it “better” than Blender Render ?

Thanks again