Newbie...please help on a simple task

HI I have just been introduced to Blender. Although I have had a little play with 2D animation I would like to try a 3D cartoon.
I am trying to create my model and have looked at several video lessons and looked at the blender for dummies manual but cant seem to do a simple task. I am modelling away and just want to join two vertices to make a face.
I will try to explain…

I basically have a whole on the head with four vertices ready to join together and have pressed F to create a face but it just puts a line between and the face is not created. Am I doing something silly? …probably. Please can someone help me so I can continue with my model.

Thanks for your help in advance.

I may need to be pointed to a descent group of free tutorials to get me started, if I am having problems with this simple task I may be in over my head LOL LOL LOL

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Your vertices may be creating a concave face… occasionally that can be problematic.

Is there any way you could share your .blend file or a clear screenshot that shows the issue?

Make sure you have all the vertices selected. F creates an edge if only 2 vertices are selected, you need to select at least 3 or more to make a face.

hold Shift while selecting

Mesh elements are vertex, edge, face. A face with 3 vertices is a triangle, a face with 4 vertices is a quadrilateral (quad for short), and a face with more than 4 vertices is an n-gon. You have to select at least three vertices to create a face.

If the vertices you’re trying to connect already share a face, you can’t create a new edge between them (hotkey F) so that it would split the already existing face, would have to use vertex connect (hotkey J) for that.

Screenshots work great for explaining issues. Ctrl+F3 to take a screenshot in Blender. A .blend file helps others to help you. Perhaps check the tutorial linked in my signature.