[Newbie] Preparing an already complete model for After Effects ELEMENT 3D. Triangles.

I would like to export this model into After Effects Element 3D: http://imgur.com/m9lq5l6

As you can tell, those triangles get transferred into After Effects. It’s a real big pain in the butt to remove those in After Effects for each of the 112 layers/objects individually. Is there a way to do it in Blender? In AE-Element 3D, I have to individually select each layer/object, enable “Draw backfaces,” disable “Two-Sided lighting”. It’s incredibly time consuming and aggravating.

A little background that may not help with the above question:

About me: For my day-job I’m a director, producer, and a video editor. Most of my editing experience is in Adobe Premiere. I picked up After Effects 2-months ago and have been poking away at it since then. My boss is trying to convince me to learn 3D Animation so that we can animate our products (engines) for a teaching environment.

About my project: This means blowing engines apart from a single item into to their individual parts (a piston, for example) and then animate that piston moving. I’ve had some success animating in Element 3D, but the models I’m using are filled with triangles, and my editing PC slows to a crawl. I’m hoping that modifying the model in Blender will increase my workflow by first eliminating the triangles so the object appears to be like “real-life” and then perhaps somehow optimizing the model for use in After Effects / Element 3D.

Any information y’all can provide I’d really appreciate it. I’m not someone that will ever be creating 3D Models, but I am someone that will be animating already complete models. I’d like to get off on the right foot here without wasting a bunch of time learning things that don’t pertain to my job description.

Anyways, thanks all for taking the time to read this and I look forward to your resposes.