Newbie probably asking death question

I’ve been looking all over the site and I just want to know if or if not your can sell your games or such that was\is created with Blender? How hard is the synatx? I dont know C++ but I do have some good programming knowlege. If you can sell your game, is there a certain special way you have to go about doing this? What about getting your game produced?

It is my understanding that you can use blender for anything. Couldn’t answer the other questions though.

I believe there is a section that may answer your question about this in a new online 2.3 manual. It is one of the first sections.


You can sell your game with blender, python(blender’s scripting language) is not hard at all, but you don’t have to use it. You can use logic bricks instead. And ton said you can sell your games, but it would be nice if you donated a little bit of that money to the blender foundation if you sold over 1000 copies.

I think the general idea is that you can sell what you create, but you can’t sell
Blender. There was some stuff on this some time ago so it must be around somewhere.