Newbie problem: can't create new file

(Gr8RedShark) #1

I’m havine some difficulty creating a new file with blender. When I launch Blender, I get a bunch of meshes from an old file. I hit Ctrl-X, click on Erase All, And then nothing changes!!! :o the old meshes and materials and particles are still there!! :o This only started happening to me recently. Is there a preference that controls Blender to automatically create a new file with data in it already? I can’t think of anything I did to cause this, so I’m not sure what I have to undo. Using publicher 2.25 on Mac OSX 10.1.4
any ideas? :-?

(theeth) #2

You probably updated your user default settings (Ctrl-U) and by doing so set this file as default.

You should look in your system files for the .b.blend file and delete it. The next time your restart Blender, it will recreate the default startup file (camera + plane)


(Gr8RedShark) #3

Ok, but slight problem. there is no .b.blend on my system. Unless I searched wrong… which directory should it be in?

(theeth) #4

I wouldn’t know for sure since I don’t have an OS X box here, maybe a Blender Mac user would kindly help here.

What you could do, however, is to erase everything in the scene and recreate a default setup like you want, and then re-updating the defaults (Ctrl-U).