Newbie Problem with UV Unwrapping.

Greetings, I created a cube with rounded corners and I was trying to UV Unwrap to the model to texture it. I set the seams and told blender to unwrap it, which it seemed to do properly. Then I created a new image texture using the test grid. However when I use ALT-z to test the unwrap, I get distortions on the faces that do have texture and no texture on most of the faces.

I have googled, read, experimented and messed with it for hours and I am quite frankly stumped. If anyone has any idea how to fix it, I would appreciate learning the steps or what I did wrong. I have attached the file to this post; although it is only a learning tool so I don’t so much care about it being fixed as I do about learning how to fix it.

Thanks a bunch.

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The distortions are because you are using a subdivision surface modifier. This physically changes the mesh distorting the texture.
When you unwrap try using the ‘Use Subsurf data’ option in the uv unwrap options or add additional edge loops to limit the distortion.

You will get less distortion if you have the seams along the actual edges of the cube rather than along the parallel edge loops. The faces that appear to have no texture in textured view are just not illuminated; go to solid view and choose textured solid, and you will see that all faces have the texture.

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