newbie problems

Hey guys i have a few newbie problems :
once i compile my exe file and move it to a folder with the necessary dll’s i notice the foolowing :

  • the models are flat shaded when i run the exe, while in blender when i run the game engine they show up with specular and reflections and so on (i had it set to use blender materials)
  • i put a texture on my model, it looked fine when i ran the game form my computer, but then i moved the folder with the exe and dll’s , the .blend and texture to a different computer and my model showed up black inside the exe, the texture also didn’t show inside the blend file

can anyone help with these problems please ?

Hello you’re just the 456 365 user that didn’t know (like me) that “shading” is broken in 2.47 runtimes, and the 5 587 5879 one that forget to “pack the file” before saving?!

Thanks OTO, that clears it up, any ideea when the shading problem will be fixed ?

In 2.48 RC1 its OK, apparently?!