Newbie puzzled by a better face tutorial

Hi, I just got blender 10 days ago and it is the first time I have used 3d software. I had been checking out some of the tutorials and was fascinated by the Better face tutorial. It reads to a newbie as if all you have to do is draw edge loops over a background image. How do you do this? When I try to draw with control+lmb as the tutorial says nothing happens. Is there a prev step that it is assumed the reader knows? Any help would be appreciated.

Ctrl-LMB extrudes from existing vertices, so you need to add an object first. Try adding a plane mesh and deleting 3 vertices. Place the remaining vertex on one of the loop start points and extrude from there.

Most of the other newbie pitfalls have been addressed in that thread, so read it over carefully. Also make sure to use the Blender Wiki:

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Thank’s I got it. I had tried it with a mesh selected but I hadn’t realized that I needed to delete ALL vets first. There’ll be no stopping me now.