Newbie Q: Greeblies and other spaceship related building questions

I have looked through some tut’s on the web about how to build a Spaceship or such type item. But one thing that really confuses me in all of them is that they always say “We will build it in steps” and do so you have your engines, bridge and body all in diferent pieces, and then you bring them together so that they are touching and then they go on to now lets add some greeblies and they do. But they never mention how to attach the ship together or the greeblies to the ship so that when you move the ship to animate it, You don’t leave half the ship behind because it’s a different piece of the puzzle. If some one has a link to a really good ship building tutorial or tips on how to do this, that would be awesome. Thanks.

You can attach the various pieces via ‘parenting’. Select a piece, then Shift-select the piece you want it to follow. Click Ctrl+P and hit Enter. That should do it.

Ooooh, for some reason I thought that it would have been a whole lot more complicated than just parenting it. BUT! Some that I have read, say do different levels of details in diffrent layers, (main pieces=layer1, smaller=layer 2 etc.) can you parent seperate things if they are different layers? And also, do you have to parent every single greebly to the main piece individually or is there a way to attach all the greeblies together (preferably all at once :slight_smile: )and then just do one parent to the main body?

Not sure what a greebly is, but if it is just a detail, that you have duplicated a few times and spread out on the model, you can select all the “greebly” objects, and join them into one mesh object,(select them all and control “J”, I think) that will be alot easier to parent to the main ship.

Yah a greebly is all those little boxes and details that make a ship look immensly detailed and to make it look huge. So if you just join them all into one mesh, you can just apply one texture to the whole thing for the plating effect?

Yes, if you join the messes you can apply the texture to all the greeblys at once.
I know of a better way to do this, Altho for some reason, in my file I wanted to do it in, it didn’t work, but in a new file it does, and maybe yours will work,
here is what you do, select the greebly, and instead of duplicating it, hit F7 for the object buttons, and click the “add to group” button give it a meaningfull name like “greebly rectangle” or “greebly square” because you might want a square greebly as well as a rectagular greebly.
now in the 3d view port, hit spacebar, and add a “Group” a popdown menu will give you a choice between groups, now you have a duplicate of your object you can put anywhere, that will not add to your vertex count, but if you alter the main object, or animate it, so too do the dupli groups.
hope this helps

Yah that definitly helps. Now all I need to do is find the time to sit down and build the thing. LOL. Although more than likely I’ll be asking for help on here every 10 mins. But hey thats what learning is all about.

Another question. Say I wanted to be able to animate say the cockpit opening up or wings folding like an X-Wing. How would I go about rigging that up and animating it.

I didnt read all of this… But some answers to the first questions… (and maybe some others).

I dont think there is any need to keep greebles (fine details) on many differend layers. I never do so… I model them all in one go. (might cause trouble if i ever need to rework on them)… also yes you can parrent stuff together if its on many layers (atleast i think so).

There is one Very good ship modelling tut for Lightwave somewhere. You might want to try look for it with keywords like “Babylon 5 ship modelling Lightwave” (dont be mislead by Babylon 5, as it has far more advanced ships than seen in babylon 5)

here is the tutorial

it’s the “Adding Detail to Spaceships” tutorial

also, it’s one of the best tutorials for making spaceships.

thats just the tut i was talking about… i started with that one