Newbie Q on glass


I am trying to render a glass sphere with an object (textured with a bitmap) inside. Result: the sphere is transparent, yet the object is only seen as a black silhouette - none of the details or colours are visible. It’s as if light enters the sphere but doesn’t bounce back after it hits the object.

My ‘glass’ merely has ‘Ray Transp’ enabled - played around with the associated parametes, too.

Adding or moving lights doesn’t really seem to change things for the better…

I tried rendering this glass and coaster (with the beer removed) and it does it fine (bitmap shows through) – I’m not clear on what makes it work in this case.

Many thanks for any clarification.

Just a couple of ideas: Try increasing the depth value for raytrans.
Check how the object renders outside the glass.
See if it is a shadow issue, disable shadows to test.

Upload the blend file, and I can help more.

Thanks 3dementia. Right - when I disable shadows in the rendering, the object’s texture shines through OK. Disabling ‘Ray Shadows’ on the light source does the same thing.

Is that what I want though? I figure the glass should cast some shadow - just not so much as to obscure what’s inside entirely.


test.blend (206 KB)

Enable “TraShadow” on your circle with the texture on it.

Excellent - thanks!