Newbie Question about moving riiged-skinned object.

This is my first post here, so hello everyone. I followed a tutorial and got a simple object “boned” and posed. I even did an animation with decent lighting and camera movement. But I decided I wanted my figure to do a turn and move across the stage a bit. When I try to do this the bones get pretty upset and totally distort the figure. Obviously, I am missing something here, since it must be possible to move a posed figure as a toal entity. Thanks, in advance, for your time and advice.

I don’t quite understand what you mean, but if you move individual bones in pose mode across the screen your mesh will probably stuff up, so make sure your not in pose mode, but in object mode (control - tab). Then try moving.

Hope that helped???

Make sure the mesh object is object parented to the armature object, as well as being armature modified. Also make sure all your weight painting is right.

Thanks for your answers. I need to go to square one with a tutorial that is dedicated to step-by-step & phase-by-phase walkthrough of animation. I have found a couple of pretty detailed ones on the Internet. They look like they’ll take a month to complete at my level of (in)competence.

This is definitely the one you want:

bugman2000…yeah, that’s the one I figure will take, at least, a month to complete. Thanks, again, for your help.