Newbie Question. cant jump when turning left

I’m trying to move my charactor around and came across a problem. So I started a new scene to see if i could solve it. a very simple set of logic bricks. 4 keyboard inputs. uparrow, leftarrow rightarrow, spacebar connected to 4 actuators all motion sensors. up is servo motion. left is simple motion rotate 1. right is simple motion rotate -1. spacebar is simple motion linear velocity all connected with and controllers.

Problem… hold uparrow(forward) and then rightarrow(right) and then space(jump) everything works I move forward turn to the right and jump great… BUT… If i do the same thing turning left I can not jump. i mve forward turn left push the spacebar and it does not jump.

Considering I have done the same thing twice I have no idea what I am doing wrong.

Blend file included. Please help.


BA moving problem.blend (475 KB)

This is a keyboard issue. The keyboards do not register all combinations of key presses. While pressing two keys at the same times usually is fine. Three keys are not.

Combinations with <shift>, <ctrl> and <alt> are usually proper registered even if more keys are pressed. I think that is the reason why most games use this keys for actions.

Thank you Monster. Yes I just tried it. instead of using the space bar i changed it to the “a” key and it works fine. I guess I just have to change keys or maybe something with properties. Again thanks mate for your quick reply.