Newbie Question. How do I get the eyes to move with the head in edit mode?

I am building a dragon. This is my first large model I only been using Blender for a few months so I am sorry if this is a simple thing.

I wanted to stretch the dragon neck but I cannot get the eyes to move with the head. I tried selecting both in object mode then trying to select what portion I wanted to move with CNTRL mouse in the Edit mode wireframe view but even though I can edit the mesh the eyes even though orange do not move they stay in the same place. I don’t understand that. Do I “join” it to the mesh with CNTRL J? Can I still make the eyes move when animating if joined?


It seems as though the eyes are a separate object - no biggie. You could “Ctrl+J” them together and stretch the neck. You can then separate them (eyes) after you got things moved around (P - separate by selection) in edit mode. You can also use an armature to stretch the neck which in the long run maybe a good choice. You could also use a lattice or even the simple deform modifier.

Thank You. I will try that. I am learning a lot but have a lot to learn.