Newbie Question: How do I make Vortex work?

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I’ve searched around for quite a bit, and nothing. Can someone please explain how do I make it work? I’ve put a particle emitter next to the vortex object, but the particles comes out unaffected by the vortex, even though I put the strength all the way to 1000. If it matters, I created the vortex before the particle. Can someone help?

try hitting recalc all in the particle buttons.

thats the only thing I could think of at the moment

i have not played with this much yet so i could be wrong, but I thought the particle emmitor WAS the vortex object…maybe. basically I really don’t know, but it seems to work for me.

The vortex object can be any object AFAIK. The particle emitter can act as the vortex object, but it doesn’t have to.

Nope. ReCalAll doesn’t work for me. Anyone else?

What’s the Power and Falloff value?
Is the vortex object on the same layer as the particles emitter?


Let’s see. The vortex’s on the same layer with emitter- Yes.
Power level’s at 50, and I’ve tried all the way up to 1000 but still no effects. Falloff? 2.

Did you assign a material for it?

With falloff at 2, the vortex object must not be very far from the emitter, or you’ll hardly see any effect.
And don’t put too much power. 50 should be plenty.