newbie question: paint vertex

Hi everybody, sorry if my question is kinda stupid but… why do we need vertex painting? I mean… in general… what techniques can you apply vertex painting? I was testing with an a textured object and I apply some dirt over the texture (without affecting the original texture) by painting vertex , is that the meaning of vertex painting? adding extra details to the textures without affecting them? or is something else? any info is welcome, thanks.

Uses for Vertex Paint

1). object coloring
2). radiosity lighting
3). a black and white vertex color channel can be used as a map to apply a blend of one material over another in the node editor, create two material nodes and a mix node, create a geometry node and use the vertex color output and connect it to the fac. input in the mix node. Type in the name of the channel and viola.

thanks for the info mate :wink: