Newbie Question Re: Particle Color/texture

Hi guys I’m new to blender have been watching tons of tutorials. What I can’t seem to figure out is I made a head with some hair particles coming out. But I can’t give the hair its own color how do I do that? Any time I change the colors the entire face/head and hair all change to that same color. How do I make the head one texture/color and the hair a different one?


You object need more than one material. In the particle render settings you select which material index you want to use for the hair.
hair_colour.blend (261 KB)


thank you very much! I will try this soon. But for now I have stumbled to a new problem I hope you can answer.

I am making a face. I have done half of the face starting with the eye and have shift-D duplicated it then flipped it so that it’s on the other side and now I want to start combining the two symmetrical sides at the nose. However the problem I am running into is even if I select both sides of the face in object mode, when I go into edit mode only one side of the face is editable and the other is not! How can I edit both at the same time so that I can sow them together at the vertices at the nose? Please help!

Woops, I t hink I just figured this out on my own! I had to sort of parent the new plane into the first plane under the “link and materials” tab…it seems to be working so far! I love blender

well a new problem now. Please see the pic. Even though it works now as I said, but one of the planes for some reason is not showing the subsurf smoothness. Why is that when they both are set to the same exact subsurf setting?

oh and one other question please. How do I move around the view not with the camera but rather so that it’s not centered on something. My view is still centered on the initial sphere that I made which now represents that eye on the right side of the pic above. But when I zoom in what if I want to zoom in on the left side of the screen but when I zoom it always zooms to the right, how can I move the view around not with the camera? Thanks!

ah crap now I realize that by linking the two planes (halfs of the face) if I move a vertice on one, it now moves it on the other and thus this makes it impossible to sow/stitch them together… can someone help?

ok I’ve done tons of research and tutorials and finally figured out all the answers myself!

In the user preferences window, select View & Controls. Under View Rotation select around selection. The view will rotate around either the selected object, vertice, edge or face.

hey thanks a lot guys that helped perfectly ! But now a new problem :spin:

please check this pic

when I go into weight paint mode, the inside of my model is highlighted and thus when I use particles the hair grows from the INSIDE of the model’s skull. How do I change this??? No idea how it was done!
Please help. Thanks!

Your face normals are inverted, select all the vertices and use Ctrl+N

wow thank you very much! but can you tell me how possible to select every single vertice at once? Do I manually do it or is there a way to select everything? Thanks!

Keyboard letter ‘A’ selects/deselects all vertices in edit mode or B (box select) and select the whole mesh.

well I suppose just press B and select it all that’s what I’m trying now…let’s see if it works

you are the MAN! Thanks a lot am trying now. Do you happen to have an icq or messaging service of some sort. Don’t mean to bug you but you are very helpful would love to ask you more