Newbie question: Rendering an animated texture

Hi there,

After playing around the first time with blender, here comes my (propably) stupid question.
I have a sphere with an image sequence (png’s) as texture. When i render a still (F12),
everything is fine, but when i render ‘ANIM’, the sphere stays black.
What am i missing?

Thanks in advance.

Hi and welcome,

When you load the images, do you set these as ‘sequence’ instead of ‘Still’ ? ( F6 Image Panel)

Hope it helps

Yes, i set it to sequence. And when i scrub through the timeline and render a still it
does work. But rendering the whole animation does not… Any other ideas?

So after playing around a bit, it works now. Seems to be a bug or something.
The only thing i did now was to set the animation range starting at frame 1, before i tried
to render frames inbetween. When i now go back to lets say frame 200-300 it works…