Newbie question, simple object selections

I’ve been playing with Blender for the last few days working on a simple logo for a friend of mine, however I’m stuck on how to proceed as I think I’ve made my life very difficult…

I have two objects, one inside the other, however blender will not let me select just one object, it always selects both. I can’t do a border select to get one or the other object.

Imagine these objects like two concentric circles, how can I select only one?

I am content to hand select all the verticies (an 20 minute process) however afterward I need to know if there is a way to define them as separate objects so I can do some fun animation stuff later.




you could try this if the objects aren’t actually connected with edges / faces etc… select a vertex of one object, press L to select all linked vertices. Then press P to separate the objects… Hope this helps.


To efficiently select vertices in a complex mesh I find useful the circular selection in EditMode. Just hit B twice and adjust the diameter with a mouse wheel.

You probably added the second object without tabbing out of edit mode first.

If your stuck, feel free to send me the file and I will take the objects apart and send it back to help get you started.


Whoa I had no idea the forum here was going to be so helpful!

Thanks everyone.

I’m also trying to figure out how to smooth things better, I’ve got a torus in the logo, however no amount of sub-divides and smooths gets me where I want to be…

Thanks everyone, once the logo is done I will post it here.