Newbie question: transfering an animation from mesh parts to an armature

First of all, I’d like to apologize for asking a newbie question here. I’ve tried googling an answer but I couldn’t find the process I need.

What I’m doing is importing a file into Blender of a type that consists of multiple mesh parts (in a parent-child heirarchy) and a series of associated animations. The animations of the mesh parts work fine when I test them with the timeline editor. What I need to do is to convert the animations to work on an armature, to which the mesh parts will then be attached. I’m looking for a work flow that will let me make this happen.

I can generate an armature based on the original mesh tree, which I can then import. The bone names in the armature match the original mesh parts. What I can’t seem to do though is to take an animation, detach it from the mesh parts, and attach it to the components of the same name in the armature.

Please could somebody provide a clue as to how I can proceed? Is there a write-up I can read or a video I can watch? Thank you.

Hey; Since you have animations you should have actions in the ‘Action’ editor, select your bone and add those action to them there.

Thank you, ajcdfin. I’ll give that a try.

Okay, I’m using the Dope Sheet to transfer animations over, but I can only seem to transfer one. If I try to select a different bone and choose its animation from the menu, it overrides the first selection. How do I transfer the whole lot?