Newbie Question: Using Blender as a Software Rostrum Camera

I have some slight experience of using AfterEffects as a software rostrum camera to create short video clips of moves (pans and zooms) on still images.

I have moved over to Ubuntu, and am trying to create the same effect with Blender. Extensive googling has not led me to any specific software rostrum camera applications, but I have seen a short clip on YouTube

which indicates that Blender can do the job.

I am a total beginner at Blender, and am slowly learning my way around the interface.

Thus far, I have succeeded in getting a still to be a background image.

I wouldn’t expect to be led through each required step, but can anyone point me towards any tutorials which would make the learning curve a little easier?

With thanks.

background images its not the good way, I guess!
Instead UV map an image to a plane…
Start a new scene, delete the cube and add a Plane
Assign a Material to the Plane
Scale the plane to match precisely your image, ex:
1024x720 image
press N key and in the Transform Properties Panel set: X: 1.024 Y:0.72
Then enter Edit mode, select the only face, press U key and choose “reset” in the “UV Calculation” menu
In the UV Image Editor load your texture ( Image- Open), it should appear in the 3D window too ( in Textured mode)
In the Material buttons window, enable TexFace and Shadeless buttons ( this way the light will not affect the Plane)
Place the camera in the desired position and try to Render ( F12)
It should work, I hope!