Newbie question -- vertex data export


When I build a model, is there a way in which I can export raw vertex position/normal data for import into a custom OpenGL application?


You’ll have to export it as a file of some sort and then write a importer for your app. OpenGL doesn’t have any way of reading external data, so this is the only way. I’d recommend the .obj format. it is the easiest and most clear.

hey vg as maspeir says, obj export will produce an ascii file with all vertex data. not sure what you are trying to do. sounds interesting. this may be useful: in blender you can strip away all edges and faces leaving only vertices. select all (edit mode) > X > Edges and Faces

I have almost completed a .obj file loader (written in plain C) and can give you the code if you want it. If all you want are the vertices, you simply ignore the rest of the data.