Newbie Question: Where to find Lambert and other shaders in 2.8?


Hi everyone. Just a quick question. Blender 2.79 manual mentions the main shaders such as Lambert or Toon
Where can I find those in 2.8 version?

Thanks and sorry for stupid question :DD

(Pixelfox) #2

Those are shader parameters for the Blender Internal renderer which no longer exists in 2.80.

You should be looking at Cycles or Eevee rendering and nodal shading for 2.80 (and the Cycles stuff is the same in 2.79 as well).

There’s lots of information out there for 2.79 talking about the differences between the BI (Blender Internal) and Cycles renderers which might be helpful if you’re coming from using BI in 2.7x, including how to move from BI to Cycles from back when Cycles was new. And there are lots of Cycles-specific tutorials of course.

(Ben H) #3

Lambert shading was a feature of the blender internal rendering engine, which was removed and replaced with eevee. You want to use either Principled BSDF or Diffuse BSDF. Principled BSDF combines Diffuse BSDF with several other shaders, and is very versatile.

The Toon shader is only supported by cycles, but you can create your own version of it within eevee.


Ah, thanks for letting me know. I am actually quite new to Blender in general. I got referred to Maya tutorial on materials with a very clear explanation and was quite surprised that the names / specifics looked kind of the same. Well, not anymore, I guess.

Just trying to find some basic information about materials, textures, etc. for the new Blender version that would not be too confusing for a complete beginner. I noticed that many tutorials are more of an overview of the whole but I might be passing over some stuff.