Newbie Question:

I have a 3d text, I know how to animate the location, size and rotation, but how do I make it “stretch” to look like it is dancing? Do I need to convert it to mesh first? And then how do I do the stretching? TIA for your help and assistance with this!

You can use lattice, here is an quick example: lattice_example.blend (95.9 KB)

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That’s PERFECT!! Thanks so much for showing me this!

Also, I hate to ask another question, but how do you record the animation for the lattice? In edit mode, I can select the vertices I want and do my transforms to the text, but I don’t know where to find the automation parameters in the Properties tab. Also, I might be doing something wrong because in object mode, the lattice transforms are only on the lattice and not the text. If anyone has a moment to look and see if I am doing it all wrong, I will be thrilled!! One Time.blend (1.1 MB)

Some keywords:

  • shape keys (animating blends between shapes)
  • Hook modifier (animating vertices in object mode through animating other objects)

Either approach is available for lattices.

Thanks, I’ll fiddle around with those and see what I can learn! No sarcasm there. I really am looking forward to learning more! Thank you for leading me in the right direction!