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How do I control Blender’s interpolation when animating? For example, if I animate an object to undergo several sequential distortions, e.g. twist, then bend, and finally expand, Blender starts each distortion before I would like in the sequence. In other words, if I bend an object at frame 50, Blender will start the deformation back at frame, say, 30, while the object is undergoing the twist deformation. My goal is to cleanly seperate the twist from the bend in the animation.


Hmm - Sounds like time to play around with the InterPOlation window (IPO for short)

There’s a lot of ground to cover to answer your question, but in short you need to change the type of curve from Bezier to Linear OR in the new 2.4, use the “Autoclamped Handle” feature (Ctrl-H)

Don’t panic if this sounds like giberish - There’s plenty of tutorials on Blender IPOs…

Greybeard’s video tutorial is a great place to start

Wiki Docs

A short answer to your problem: you need to add an additional keyframe for the initial shape/position, just at the point where you want the bending to start. Say you want this at frame 30. Before you add the “bent” keyframe, add a key at frame 30. Then key your “bent” position at 50. Your mesh will hold at the initial position until frame 30, then start bending, to finish at 50.

Interpolation means just that – if all you have is keyframes at frame 1 and 50, Blender will start that animation at frame 1 (in your case it starts imperceptibly slowly because of the default shape of IPO curves).

Other than that, do what Ammusionist said :slight_smile: