newbie question

i tried using blender, but my results were far from promising compared to the works of others… i think i have to accept that i don’t have any gift with visual arts… i want to be part of this community, maybe not by making stunning graphics, but maybe by programming… i just want to know the things that i need to learn to be able to contribute in this community… i know it is not easy, but i’m better in programming than in drawing… i’m familiar with the basics of C programming, including file handling… my knowledge may not be enough, but i’m willing to learn… i’m doing this because i want to return the kind treatment that i’ve received during my brief stay in blenderartists forum… thanks!

(I’ve posted this message yesterday at the developers’ forum, 7 views, no replies… Hope somebody could help me… thanks)

If you go over to the forums at they are more the developer forums and you should be able to pick up a bit more over there.

Good luck -

Maybe i’m not the best person to help you, but i can try!:slight_smile:

First you need to know a little of Python (
Python version 2.4 for Blender version 2.42

Then you need to know modules that are implemented in Blender for you to play (, go here and you have Python Scripting Documentation to read online and to download.

And the last part (or the first :)) (also in the documentation link above), Blender documentation, because IMO you have to know a little of Blender to know what you want to code.

hey, no self knocking! You post your stuff-we help you get better-you get better. Don’t give up! Everyone starts somewhere. :rolleyes:

thanks miffwhite for the advice… i’ve posted this message in the developers’ forum first before posting here, but with 21 views already, no one bothered to reply… i posted this message here this morning, and i already got three replies…

thanks MADCello… i’ll check those links as soon as possible… thanks again…

thanks shaker for the encouragement… i won’t stop creating 3D graphics… i know that for someone to be good, one must practice… what i want to do is to concentrate more on programming since i’m more inclined in that aspect… and as a side note, i’m an Information Technology student…