newbie question

As a newbie to Blender I am finding my way around with some problems. I am trying to make models for a Quake modification. Can I use PCX files for texturing? I have tried, but they don’t seem to load and won’t show up on the model. Any suggestions???

As far as I kow your choices are Jpeg, PNG & Targa.

I have also used .tiff & .psd (photoshop), both of which may dramatically increase your file size if you choose to include layers, but like .png, they both support transparency and can both be set to lossless compression.

As an aside, the developers seem to be getting really serious about this program lately adding support for new font types, images and everything else under the sun, not to mention innovating some new features that even the most high end 3D applications cant compete with.

Thanks for the help guys :slight_smile: