Newbie Question

So I’m very VERY new to blender and the 3d modeling world but I’m happy to say I’m getting the hang of it. I just made a few chess pieces today and my first building. I’m still constricted to basic objects but I had a question. If I want to apply a subsurf modifier lets say, how do I make the two objects seperate objects? When I just did add “uvsphere” and add "taurus and had only one selected, it subsurfed both of them. Do I have to create a new layer or something? Also, I’m still watching the basic tutorials but if you guys could point me to some more comprehensive ones (still on the beginner side though) that would be great (I like to learn by doing but I don’t know how to make anything complex yet).

Blender has a modal interface, with two primary modes: Object Mode, in which you place and move objects, and Edit Mode, in which you manipulate object’s actual meshes (their vertex data). You can switch between these two modes by tapping the Tab key.

It sounds as if you added the UVSphere and Torus while still in Edit Mode, meaning that they were added to the original object. Since the subsurf modifier works on an entire object, the new sphere and torus were included in the effect.

Good news… fixing this is easy(ish). If you have anything selected (highlighted), hit A to clear it. Then right-click on a vertex that’s part of the mesh you want separated (the sphere, for instance), and hit Ctrl-L to select all linked vertices. This should select the whole sphere. Then hit P and click on Selected and Voila! The sphere is now its own object.

To access it, you can hit Tab to enter Object Mode, select the sphere, and Tab again to edit it.

I highly recommend working through the manual ( if you get a chance. It explains a lot of these types of things right up front, so you don’t run into them the hard way.

Good luck!