Newbie Question :)

I accidentally got rid of the UV mapping option in the drop-down menu where you can choose from Default View, Animation, Game Logic, etc. How would I get it back? :confused:

If you didn’t save as your default startup file after you deleted it, when you create a new file the layout will be there


File / Load Factory settings and then save as your new default startup file


Just create one

Thanks. Unfortunately, I did save it as a start-up file because I liked the object and thought it would be a good one to build on for other similar objects. Will the other 2 work if I did save it as a start up file?

Just create a new layout. The UV layout is just the screen split in two, on the left an Image Editor window and on the right a 3D view window.

You don’t have to use a specific layout for a specific operation. You can just split the default 3d view and change one window to an image editor and you’ll have a layout you can do your uvs