Newbie Questions - Subdivision of Surfaces and resulting geometry

Hello all!

New user here, both on the site and to Blender itself. As I am sure that this will be solved easily by all of you, I thank you in advance for your kindness and understanding toward my newbie plight.

My question revolves around a tutorial by Neal Hirsig on Vimeo, entitled “03-06-Subdivide”(apologies, but as I am a new member, I cannot post a direct URL.) Now, I do realize that the tutorial in question is over 3 years old, so perhaps Blender has changed as far as editing quirks go, but around timestamp “03:40” Neal uses the subdivide tool on a plane mesh - that has an edge already dividing it in two - doing so with the right side selected.

The result is the right half of the whole plane being divided evenly into 4 quarters, while the left half gains two new edges originating from a central vertex on the plane-dividing edge, and extending to the two left corners of the plane mesh. right side: four equal faces. left side: three triangles created to compensate for the extra vertices.

In summary, I have not been able to recreate the “triangular faces” part of this experiment, and I am wondering if there might be some well-hidden preferences option I might have overlooked. It may also be that the way Blender works nowadays isn’t how it functioned a few years ago. Any pointers would be appreciated.

Again, thank you for your support!

Check Quad/Tri Mode on the operator panel.


I have all Neal Hirsig tutorial and as You say they are 3 year’s old…But still I find them very usefull.

I just checked the video and Blender don’t make that change in the left side of the mesh as You see in the video…It stay as a single face.

So I believe there have been some update in Blender…I’m a noob so I can’t tell You why it has change…Hope this help a little…Puff Puff

Btw…Welcome to a great forum


And just like that, I have triangles! I’m glad for your help, Ovnuniarchos. Yes, this worked perfectly for me. I’d say this question has been answered splendidly!

Thank you so much for the friendly words of welcome, Tai! I hope this forum will prove to be a useful resource.(As I’m sure there are more kind people like you, I’m not worried at all!)

And since Ovnuniarchos solved the issue, I think we both learned something!

See you around the forums!