Newbie Questions

Ok I have many questions but 2 of them I have been stumped on.

How do you save Animations on a Mac?

I have messed with the format and file paths but no luck yet. I understand tht these files are by default sent to a hidden temp folder. But I know there is an easier way to save…

Also Why is there no tab for Soft Bodys. I have the latest version but I cant find it anywhere?..

It will be nice to have a forum because I find new questions daily.


The softbody tab is availible on the F7 button panel when a mesh is selected

not for me…? is there any other way to access it?

the temp folder (where it is rendered to) is set on the left side of the main scene panel. It’s the top one.

i have constaints effects and particle interations but no softbody…

the temp folder (where it is rendered to) is set on the left side of the main scene panel. It’s the top one.

Uhm I am not sure what you mean. the top one? can you be more specific…

here are screenshots in 2.37a. here is the softbody tab:

and here is the tmp folder

The hidden folder thing had me stumped for a while too. There are two things you can do (Assuming you’re using OSX):

1: Go to your desktop and do a File Search (Cmd F) and look for “.avi” but set your search to look for invisible files. Assuming some of your saves have been successful, you should get some joy here. You can drag the file(s) to your desktop or any visible folder and play from there.

2: In your Blender “Button Window”, click on the “Scene” icon (the square picture icon in the group of 6 buttons). On the left of this window you should have 3 folder/directory areas under the heading “Output”. The top one probably says “/tmp/” and that’s where Blender’s putting your movies. Click on the folder icon on the left, this should open up your file list, probably in the temp folder. Click on the two small dots … near the top of the list and you shoud see your hard disk files and folders listed. From here on it’s pretty easy going, just select a folder and it opens, keep selecting till you get to the folder you want to save your movie in. Depending how you’ve set your system up, you might find your folder is somewhere in the “Users” directory.

Okay, so now you’re in the right folder, type a filename in the text box, second from the top then click the big button top, right of your screen that says “Select Output Pictures”.

Make sure you’ve set your “Format” (bottom, right of screen probably) to your preferred file-type (Quicktime, AVI etc). Then hit “Animate”.

BTW, you can set this folder as the default in your user preferences panel (hidden behind the menu at the top of your Blender screen).

I’m very new at this too, so if there’s an easier way - or if I’ve completely mangled something - I’d be glad to hear it.


Thanx for all the help. Well my problem with soft bodys was that I had an old version 2.36 hmm that was easily solved. I am also very happy that I could find all the hidden animations i made. :wink:

anyway this soft body dynamics is amazing… I cant believe this is possible. I am in the process of rigging a character with clothes that blow in the wind. any ideas.? I am thinking of using constraint goals to aallow parts to blow more han others. one question I had was how complex can the deflection object be? I am getting strange results with clothing overlapping a character. If I push set smooth will that actually make more accurate collisions? If I animate the mesh say walking…will this be compatible with sbd?