Newbie questions

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I’m completely new to 3d modeling and have been making some attempts at some of the tutorials.

  1. I’m using a mac os 10.5
  2. running 2.49

Alright my issue is on the tutorial for modeling a simple person it has me putting squares out and I get the basic structure fine.

Then I move to attempting to do the subsurface. For some reason I get every cube producing a separate sphere. I’ve tried all the key sequences from the tutorial as well as going though the menus and I’m not seeing anything.

As a second question.

A friend of mine does auto cad. I know its not the same program but she was telling me about making blocks with specific dimensions. Say tell it to make a rectangle 5 units by 6 units by 8 units, and it will make the required object. Can I do something similar to that with Blender.

My internet is very crappy… I cant DL the user manual off line. I have the tutorials (I turn them into PDFs so I can keep track of them and use them when I’m not on the internet) and the book “the essential blender”. I like the book but a lot of the things don’t follow with mac keys and so I am having issues following what its wanting me to do… and at the same time I’m working through the tutorials and having similar issues with not being able to get it to do what I’m wanting it to do.

I know all of my issues stem from me not knowing what I’m doing so any tips tricks or generalized ideals that you can give me are more than welcome,


If you press N the transform properties panel will pop up. From this you can type in specific dimensions, positions and rotation angles for your objects.



I’m not familiar with the tutorial you speak of, but when doing sub surfaces, all the vertexes will have to be connected in a single unit to get them to blend together. If you have discrete boxes, even though they are part of the same object, they will form separate surfaces, ie spheres.

in edit mode press a to select all in point mode… then press w and select remove doubles… this will merge everything together and make subsurf work.

select some verts or faces in edit mode using b key… press g then x then 5. This will move them five in the x direction. You can also press g and hold down the cntrl key and move the mouse for snap to grid.