Newbie questions

I am working through BlenderCourse - Basics EN - v1.0
Blender 2.49
Mac 10.5.8

On the materials and light section it has me make a uvsphere and cover it with a yellow coating. Then it has me duplicate the sphere and attempt to use a second material changing the second sphere into a transparent blue. When I attempt to do this it changes the color of the first sphere. (I use separate materials for both spheres.

I have tried to add a new sphere and create a new material. I’ve tried using the b key to select all parts of the second sphere, and first. I’ve tried in object and edit modes.

Also in object mode how would I force it to select just a specific sphere. I’ve tried right clicking and left clicking. I’ve tried clicking both buttons while holding the shift and command buttons down.

Left clicking in object mode selects both objects. Command and shift left click both do the same thing.

Right clicking selects nothing. Shift right click does nothing as well. Command right click selects both objects.

Reading through Essential Blender it says to right click to select. in edit mode I can select and move it but even having it selected in this manner does not allow me to only use the material command on one object. It still effects both objects.

Light sources how do I select the light source to move it. on the same note is it possible to set an object as a light source. Lets use a light saber as an example. We have a blue and a red light saber could both of them be shown as light sources and set up so that as they move the light source would move as well changing the shadows as they moved.

Willie Pierce

It sounds like you added the second sphere while you were still in edit mode for the first sphere.
Try to enter edit mode - select all verts of one of the spheres - hit P - separate selected
Now you should have 2 separate objects.

And if u want to add different materials to 1 object (1 mesh different parts) in edit mode.
Then select all faces in edit mode u want to change material
F9 - Link and Materials - new (or select from list) - Assign
F5 - rename the material if u like