Newbie request for modelling technics handbooks!!

Hi all!

I am in need of books, manuals and stuff like that dealing about advanced modelling technics.
I made a few things with Blender but I’m often stuck with my ideas by lack of knowledge about modelling.
You wisemen could help a newbie?


hmmm, I don;t know aby modelling books, but I DO know that bbcode tags don;t work in a topic title :wink:


The Official 2.0 Guide is NOT a manual, it’s a guide. And, as its name implies, it was produced by NAN.

The Blender Book was NOT produced by NAN directly (even if Carsten eventually came to work for them, but…) and it’s a really great manual for newbies.


looks at Blender foundation about books posts

:wink: Roel, you must have pretty quick to see them, coz I removed them seconds after posting! “The best way to learn is from experimenting” isn’t it?

To Alvaro: I did not heard much about the Blender book (except from some review on the net) so did not know it’s exacte purpose. I hope it isn’t too much “newbie” oriented, coz I want to go beyond Extrude!
I looking more on complex forms modelling (things with curves and bent volumes). I have a knife on the cook which gives me headache!!

But through my requsts on forums I noticed with interest that each Blenderer had his own technics to reach similar goals.

By the way thank you Alvaro I’ll check it!

I have a Blender GUI 2.0
i think this book is not to learn, but it shows about general possibilities. I like it very much.
In order to learn New users need acurated guides about individual parts of Blender. I think Blender Book could be this kind of book.

I am also very new to blender and have seen the Blender Book but I noticed that it covered an 1.X version of blender. Is this book still useful to learn on if the Blender version that the book is based on is an older version? Just wondering :-?

In my opinion, The Blender Book is very useful for the current versions - especially for a newbie looking for an introductory overview of basic functions.

One newer feature it does not cover is the area of “subsurface” modeling which I have learned from online tutorials and forum advice.

I also bought the official version 2.0 guide so I have another view on things if I get stuck.

I don’t regret buying either of them.

It all depends on your learning style. I like having books. 8)

Best wishes

the blender guide i have, the one iwth the fancy cover=), is really good to learn techniques and stuff… its very helpful, but im not sure if its too helpful for advacne modeling…maybe u could go buy one of the 3ds max or maya or lightwave books and learn techniques from them…there is some advacne stuff in them that can be done in blender

Sorry, i don’t know about Blender Book. If i learn more about Blender i will write a Super Special Book Modeling Tecniques for Newbies in Blender. I have a pair of ideas about this. Well…or Special Tutorial about Modeling tecniques…at least Mini Hiper Fast New Guide about Modeling tecniques…
I think that could be in spanish first, and translated later. I think now there is not an useful book with learn method. Now i am a Coreldrv and Autocad teacher ( 8) ) in academy. To teach is very delicate job !!!

Here’s a possible idea. Imgranpaboy has video tutorials that he has on CD. I havn’t gotten one yet (I should ;oP) but if you like cars or his characters, you can give it a try:

I think he only charges a minimal amount for the cd. Well worth a try, in fact I might just get 'em, he’s so remarkable!

Love Ingie

Ok thank you all for advices!

my current project is making a female character from a tutorial i found on the web. it’s very comprehensive covering the body, face, clothing and accessories in great detail.

it’s originally for 3d studio max, but the actual concepts are all transferable.

the modelling style is very edge-loop orientated, which makes for a highly animatable mesh. i’m getting some very good results from it so far using subsurf, though i can’t show them yet. it also has some very useful reference pics.

and, best of all for you (judging from your profile), the original (and more complete) version is in french.

so head over to this site, and start making your very own joan d’arc today!


a better place to find books would be you can find good tutorials on making characters on 3ds-max or maya,softimage etc.though the softwares are different basic modelling process will remain same.

Wow!! The tutorial is simply amazing (and so is the character). I’m gonna study it. Thank you very much Beatbix. I’d like to see your interpretation of it!


9 : i’m not much of a fantasy fan, so i won’t be taking the sword and armour approach.

i’m thinking of making her a drum’n’bass/graffitti kind of chick, with short cropped ginger hair, pale freckled skin, and stylish clothes. a little like a cute girl i saw in a dnb night recently. i’ll need to make her eyes a little less east-asian too. (i had no idea joan d’arc was a red haired anime girl)

but so far i only have a head with no lips. if i only has that cute dnb girl’s number, i could call her and try doing some “research”.
later dude, keep on blending


lol :wink:
That sounds pretty cool. Yeah yeah, research… artistically conscientious, that’s good!

how many triangles does the mesh have?

and has anyone made the character as a blend file?
some of the stuff there is way outta my league.
can you put up the blend file somewhere? i would like to study, modify it and use it as a base for future chars hat i am going to make