Newbie Sculpter (Any Advice?)

Back with yet another sculpting attempt. Starting to get to improve a tiny bit. This is a character I spent a whole night on haha. I would really love some advice. I don’t like how the hair looks, if anyone knows a good reference for good hair, please share… Just general help to improve my small sculpting knowledge would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

(Latest Progress Update) getting better.

( added this one 9/31/2018)
any ideas of how i could improve?

I changed a few things, not sure if its improved by the changes or not. Had a little extra time today. Again, any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Just keep sculpting.

Ancient Greeks and Romans give good references for sculpted hairs.

The rendered image is noisy (SSS used?), it makes recognizing of the surface more difficult.

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    I think the noise comes from the fact I just took screenshot and uploaded as opposed to rendering lol. 

I looked at some statues from the Greek and Roman times. They’re great, I never would have thought to use those! I will keep sculpting.

Thank you for the help