newbie seeks same to work together

Not sure if this is the right place but yes, I’m seeking someone nearby (Australia, Sydney, upper north to central coast) to mentor and work with as we learn Blender together. Not a paid tutor.

It’s very lonely learning Blender in isolation and I’m sure two or more inquisitive and perhaps competitive people can learn faster together. Think of it like a “Blender Club” for newbies. Well, if there’s an expert nearby who wants to hang out, then that’d be great too!.

Blender is a bit big, but modelling and animation are along my learning path so far.

What do you think? Anyone interested?

Hi, Canis! I’m new to Blender Artists, but not to blender. I’m been using it for about two years now. First off, I know how you feel. I don’t know anyone who uses blender either, other than my sister and my dad, and I’m still teaching them.I live in the United States. Even so it would be great to have a friend who uses blender. I’ll do my best to help you in any way I can. My personal favorite thing about blender is the partical system, I love partical based fires. What’s your favorite thing in blender?

Hey there, thanks for the interest and help. Favourite thing? Well I also have a hobby interest in wood carving - small items that fit in the hand,like a wombat for example. He worked out well. It’s not the same thing at all to make a 3D animal in Blender, but that’s the area I like for now. I’m also iPhone programming so a game is in the wind I hope.

My first real attempt at anything Blender is a frog. My first query was posted to the “modelling” forum, just before this one. You can see my first problems there.

We all have private message boxes here so maybe we can use that method for future chats. We be in touch eh?

I remember the first time I really put a lot of effort into a model. It was a robot named BOB-E. He’s very hard to see, but he’s in my avatar. I modeled him to the style of Pixar’s “WALL-E” robots. Have you seen it? Blender is my life and as such I don’t have many other hobbies. Although, I do enjoy creating stop-action animations with my old lego’s. Oh, before I forget, how do you send a private message?

                                       Your humble servant,

Servant, two ways that I know of to send a private message are to
1.) After you log in, click on the username of the party that wish to address.A box will pop up that has an option to send a private message, select that option and off you go. Or
2) After you log in you will note a private messages option below the welcome greeting. If you select that you will find an option to send a new message. The rest should be self evident.

Welcome to blenderartists. Most folks here are happy to help with learning and/or questions, in fact, there may be several ways to approach problems so don’t be afraid to ask the forum.