newbie selection confusion

I’m just starting out with blender, working through a couple simple tutorials and now doing the gingerbread man at the beginning of the online documentation. I’m having one small problem, however.

In the screenshots, whenever several points are selected in ‘Edit Mode’ any planes that they define are shown in a pink color while unselected or incompletely selected planes are a darker blue. This looks useful to me, but it isn’t what shows up on my screen. When I throw a object into edit mode and border select a bunch of vertexes, the only way I can tell is that they (the vertexes) turn yellow. None of the planes turn blue when I enter edit mode either.

Now, I discovered by accident that if I enter ‘UV Face Select’ mode and THEN go to ‘Edit Mode’ it behaves exactly as I’d expect from looking at the pictures. But I currently have no use for Face Select Mode, and going to object mode resets it.

Am I too thick to notice some UI element controlling this that’s staring me in the face? I’ve tried to find a reference to this problem in the forums and knowledge base here and in the documentation with no luck, leading me to suspect it might be something so basic no one bothers mentioning it, Otherwise, maybe I’m running into a bug. I’m running version 2.34 on Mac OSX if that’s any help.

All in all, not a show stopping issue but after investing a certain chunk of time on it I’m starting to be irritated by it to an absurd degree. Thanks to anyone who can shed some light in my direction. Oh well, back to the tutorial!

Make sure the buttons window is set to Editing (F9) then select an object and “tab” into edit mode. On the far right under “Mesh Tools 1” there is a “Draw Faces” button which does what you want.


Thanks a lot! A nice simple solution posted promptly is all I could have hoped for.