Newbie Setup Recs

Hi folks.

I’m new to Blender. I like what I’ve seen and am impressed with Blender’s capabilites. Very impressed.

I wonder if I can get some recommendations for a “must have” set-up? I’ve already downloaded and activated Python and YafRAY, but that’s it.

What plug-ins should I get and where exactly do they go? (what folder(s)?)

I’m ready to start some on-line tuts, but I would like to take care of the system set-ups first.

Thanks and BTW, there are some great artists here. I look forward to seeing more of everyone’s work!

You already have all you need in my opinion.

I’ve dabbled in alot of plug-ins and other programs to do other things and before long the list gets endless and I get lost.

You’d be stunned and amazed how much you can do with just blender alone and a few python scripts. You can see alot of purists on these boards that do some jaw-dropping work without even using Yafray.

Please take my advice and immerse yourself now. The more stuff you do the more you’ll know if you’ll absolutely need some other program to augment your work.

As for for some texture plugins and sequence plugins, you’ll find this very interesting:

An Html page presents them all and you can easily pick the ones that suit you the better. I think you should have them all but sometimes it’s difficult to know what plugin do what, or to understand why a plugin should be used over regular procedurals (t_bricks, t_terrain and t_wood for example, are very useful and versatile for outdoor scenes).

hope this helps,